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Made it, and curse you photobucket!

So we're in Alaska, happy and well. I start working next week and am excited to finally get to do the job I spent years preparing to do, right...but I know there was a LJ exodus and now a photobucket fall out and all I can say is crap. I don't have time for this but I'm going to see if I can find some way to restore the links for the screencap fics without taking a lot of time. If it's too much of a PITA it may have to wait till I get through this CPA exam process. I've taken 2 out of 4, only know the score for one which was a pass, so need to get all four passed by next August or I lose my credit for what I passed back in Feb. That's going to eat up my life for a while but once that is done then my time will go back to being free outside of work, a - freaking - men. Been a long time.
My life was so freaking hectic and it's staying that way for a while more. My husband got a job and he's leaving in a couple of weeks so we're scrambling like mad hatters to get minor repairs to the house finished. I did take one section of the CPA exam and I passed so yay! One down and three to go. I've got 5 more weeks of work then I'm free to do finishing work and get our house listed. We've picked out a rental home in Anchorage and just waiting to hear back from the realtor. It's a fun and exciting time but so much stress. We've sold our RV, sold our vehicles that aren't coming with us, sold our utility trailer. But my husband is going to have to purchase a used vehicle right after he gets to Anchorage so he's dreading that. I'm normally the big purchaser because he gets anxious over it LOL. I told him I can get the rental home squared away but the vehicle he really has to see that in person and test drive. He'll only have three days before he starts his job so not a lot of time.

Anyway, just wanted to let people know that I won't have a story in the zine unfortunately. :( I may be able to finish it eventually but I think I need to accept that writing is off the table until we get moved, and I finish my cpa exams. Life used to be so much calmer!!!

Alaska Bound

So we are finally moving back home. I have a start date of July 10th but we are driving so going to leave right after Ben graduates. We are in panic mode as we've got a lot to do but we've started so hopefully we can get things squared away. We aren't bothering with putting the house on the market till May at the earliest. We'll just be stuck renting for a while.

I'm done with college after graduating in December but now I'm taking/studying for my CPA exams. I have to pass four sections in 18 months as part of the requirements and it's not a lot of fun to try and study when I'm so burned out from the previous two years. But, I know it's the best time to do it now and the partners that interviewed me for my job strongly encouraged I get as much of it done before my start date. My goal is to take three of the four and I should make that.

I may just possibly get to write again soon! In a year I should be back to just working and regular life. Granted, work will be busy but I'll have time off to myself again instead of studying.

Blast from the past - Jumper Zine

So got a message from Brate7 that they are hoping to put out a final Jumper Zine and would I be open to writing a story for the last one. How could I say no?! SGA remains my one true fandom love. Like nothing has even come close to it. So time to brush up on my SGA and figure out what story wants to be told. Time is tight so I've got a couple of weeks before the semester starts, got to get writing!

I am still alive, I promise

And I'm still not giving up on the notion that soon I will be able to write some more SGA fic. Life is seriously hectic, mostly good, a few not so great things but that's life, right. So I'm almost finished with the first year back of college, one more year to go. Except I'm probably going to jump right into the master's program and that means another year. That part I'm not so thrilled about. I've met some great friends but it's pretty grueling. And knowing I'm committing to another year of this schedule, oy, not easy to do!

I'm also involved in an undergraduate research that should span a year and a half, though we've already been involved since October. About the same time a part time job kind of landed in my lap and knowing it would be incredibly helpful having the experience, I took it, even though I really wasn't ready to start working even part time.

All this work will some day pay off...I hope!

I don't see everything but I do still check LJ often and I'm glad to see there are still people around. :)

Time flies

Seems sad that I don't have much time for LJ anymore. :(

I start classes Jan. 12th and also feels a bit weird to be an accounting major. I sucked and hated economics in high school and have always been a science nerd but I do love playing with numbers and I'm so not going back an auditing two years worth of calculus and physics.

The roads never lead us, right...

Anyway happy belated Thanksgiving to my peeps and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year because I'll probably go another long stretch without posting. *sigh*

There will come a day when I can write again but it's not this day. :/

My son attending UAA is flying home on the 15th, we're picking up our son at Coastal that Friday before and we're building a new deck for some elderly friends that weekend. Going to be hectic!

Hope everyone is doing all right!

Well, not teaching after all

I've spent some time researching and teaching jobs in Anchorage are a bit dicey. Not as easy to come by, least not enough for me to spend the time and money on a degree that isn't enough of a guarantee. It's a shame but oh well.

I went ahead and settled on bachelor's in accounting. I didn't want the management focus as I'm managing a thrift store right now and I get frustrated trying to keep drama down. People do not always get along well, too many personality conflicts, but I think I've got them fairly well. Still bumps but they are willing to humor me and get along.

So, accounting jobs are pretty good. I saw more than a few openings in Anchorage. I put in the admissions to USC. I went to USC in Sumter for 1 1/2 yrs till I left to homeschool the kidlets. My major was physics but it's been too long to go back through that door. I'd have to audit higher maths to get back to where I'd need to be and it'd take longer than I want. So I can go into accounting and do just the higher level coursework and be done in 2 years. Great thing is I'll have 160 + credits so if I want to become a CPA I'll be more than qualified.

Did my FAFSA and now just have to wait to register for classes in November'ish LOL.

Good news!

My husband and I have been going through some life decisions and we've decided that we are definitively going to retire in Alaska. We've also decided that as soon as Ben graduates (3 years) we're selling the house and moving to Alaska. Their are so many jobs in Anchorage it isn't even funny and we're just done with working here. My husband is sick of the DoD lifestyle, it's very high-stress.

I'm also going to USC to see about finishing my degree. I'm going to see about elementary education and hope to specialize further down the road in reading.

We're going to need two salaries to pay for all these kids going to college LOL!

I should add we were able to finally make this decision because we just got back from a week in Anchorage, after delivering Brad up to start his college years at UAA. My husband finally got to see Alaska and my dad took him around and he got to hear all the history my family has in Alaska on just my dad's side alone. I also got all the papers from my Grandmother's memoirs which include all her pioneer days in Talkeetna. My dad grew up there and now that it's a big tourist site he's in most of the things they're displaying. He's done interviews on Alaskan history for the university. My husband was so impressed with the area and how much history our family has in the state that he was ready to move up there today if we could!

This has been a truly craptastic summer

My Grandpa passed away this morning after a week-long battle that began with an innocent enough prep for a colonoscopy. He had a malignant tumor in his colon and they believe the violent effects of the medication caused his colon to twist, and by the time they got him to the hospital and into surgery he was in bad condition. They wound up having to do a second surgery and take out his entire colon and part of his small intestine. He developed pneumonia and after all that made his wishes clear he wanted off of life support measures. He would've been 91 next month.

We said goodbye to Loki this morning

We brought him home on an April day when he was 6 weeks old. Over fourteen years later, we let him go when dementia and disease left nothing but a shell behind. We are crushed, even knowing it was the right decision. It's been the hardest week of my life. I feel an emptiness that I know will pass but it's a horrible feeling.